Heading back to the field!!

I was actually looking forward to the long flight to Africa next week so I could catch up on some sleep. But now I have an enormous drilling manual that I am planning to read instead. Oh, how glamorous my life has become!! But I am excited to get back to the field. We have six crews working between Uganda and Sudan to keep us on schedule. Have 17 wells being drilled and two latrines being constructed in March. A wonderful friend also purchased DITB a new field motorcycle, so we will be shopping for that, getting insured and making sure everybody has a license and knows how to drive it. Also have a lot of business with the Ministry of Water and government agencies to submit our annual reports, work plans, renew visas and all of those official procedures. Fingers are crossed that the upcoming presidential election in Uganda, on Friday, is peaceful. We are also very happy about the smooth referendum election in South Sudan this past January. There is much to be done but we have talented and motivated crews in place to do it all. Expect more photos like this from the field over the next few weeks.


Author: Stacey Travis

Founder and Executive Director of Drop in the Bucket a water charity building water wells and sanitation systems at schools in Africa.

3 thoughts on “Heading back to the field!!”

  1. Keep up the awesome work. So jealous you get to go to Uganda! Love the picture of you and the kids. Lots of love. PS will you also be riding the motorcycle?

    1. Love you girl! I’m trying to figure out a way to get you there to supervise our hygiene program. And of course, I’m going to learn to drive the motorcycle. Gotta keep my field cred:)

  2. Hi Stacey – Have just read through all your blog posts – amazing. Congratulations on all the good work. I enjoyed reading your path to it- I find myself in a similar crossroads now. I’ve led two volunteer medical missions to southern Mali and definitely want to crossover full time (currently a fundraiser for a large hospital). I’ve been a little involved with water.org as they’re located here in Kansas City, looks like you have similar approaches. I wish you all the best in your work and look forward to following your progress. Christina

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